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High light-transmitting,
light-gray glass with improved
solar control.

Architects who want glass with neutral color and superior energy performance have a new option: CrystalGray float glass from Guardian Industries.

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CrystalGray can be combined with many SunGuard products, including:
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SunGuard CrystalGray reduces heat gain to levels previously achieved only by highly reflective glasses, helping architects meet stricter energy codes and achieve LEED certification. 

Guardian CrystalGray is currently available as uncoated glass. Quarter-inch (6 mm) CrystalGray has 65% visible light transmission and an improved light-to-solar-gain ratio compared to conventional gray or blue float glass. Like standard float glass, CrystalGray can be used monolithically, tempered, laminated and fabricated. It can also be used on the exterior or interior lite of a vision insulated glass unit or in spandrel glass applications.

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